Tuesday, August 1, 2017


John Simm in the first season.
Premise:  Each season of this miniseries focused on a law enforcement officer who--through circumstances beyond his control--becomes hunted by the Manchester Metropolitan Police. The plots are connected only by DS Susan Reinhardt (Rose Cavaliero), a veteran detective whose frumpy appearance masks her sharp intellect. In the first season, DS Marcus Farrow (John Simm) is framed when his estranged wife and one of his sons is murdered. As his colleagues pursue him relentlessly, Farrow tries to prove his innocence. In the second season, prison security officer David Murdoch (Philip Glenister) is forced into facilitating a prisoner's escape when his pregnant daughter is kidnapped. When the breakout goes wrong, Murdoch becomes the police's prey along with the female prisoner handcuffed to him.

Running Time:  45 minutes.

Status:  Two seasons of three episodes each aired on ITV in 2014-15.

Production Notes: Prey was nominated as Best Miniseries in 2015 by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. John Simm previously starred in the critically-acclaimed mystery series Life on Mars (2006-2007). He portrayed a contemporary police detective knocked unconscious when struck by a car. He awakens to find himself somehow transported back in time to 1973.

Our Review:  Both seasons of Prey stretch credibility by placing their protagonists in far-fetched situations. Still, the first season presents an exciting story grounded by John Simm's excellent performance as a man on the run--who knows how to avoid capture because of his police experience. Philip Glenister makes a compelling lead in the second season, but the plot is riddled with holes and falls apart in the last episode. It doesn't help that too much time is devoted to Reinhardt's personal life (she receives a proposal, gets pregnant, and considers a career change).

Grade: B.

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